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Your trusted partner for providing you and your family's healthcare needs

Life Medical Center is proud to serve our community and accomplish our mission: giving you the best health for your life!  Our practice is focused on establishing an excellent relationship with each and every patient, listening and understanding every concern a patient has and being ready to provide support in any shape or form it may be needed.


We offer a modern, state-of-the-art facility with a large variety of medical equipment to ensure you can get the treatment you need, no matter your situation.  Our medical team has a tremendous amount of knowledge, experience and is ready to help today.

Google Reviews

  • Dr. Mike and his staff truly helped me out a lot when i came in as a new patient. Very friendly staff and a very knowledgeable Dr. I had been dealing with some really bad knee pain and even though i was late for my X-ray appointment they still took me in and helped figure out what was going on with my knee. He Gave me a steroid shot to help ease the pain and explain in detail what the next steps were going to be taken after that. I Highly recommend Dr. Mike for patients looking for a new or need a new doctor. 5 stars from me Life Medical!!!!! Keep up the good work.
  • Dr. Mike and his staff over at Life Medical Center put you at ease from the moment you walk into their office. Never any long waits to see the doctor, they put you in a room right away, promptly have an MA or Nurse come in and take your vitals, etc.... Also, this is probably one of the most up-to-date clinics I’ve been in! Looks newly remodeled. Thank you Life Medical Center for always staying ahead in the care, treatment, and health of your patients!
    Ali Faour
  • Covid testing was quick and as painless as shoving a cue-tip up your nose and tickling your brain can be. No appointment was necessary and they did check the vitals. Results were fast compared to similar in-house facilities although you might have to call to confirm a negative test.
    Stephanie Koslowski
  • I flew in from Canada and needed a quick COVID test before spending time with family. I received an appointment right away.The doctor and his team were professional and treated me with care and respect. The facility was exceptionally clean as well and I felt safe. Thank you for your service and keep up the good work!!
    Brittany Thompson

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Available Now!

Life Medical Center is happy to announce we are performing important required physical tests! These tests are a requirement for many types of jobs, school activities and immigration processes and we can make sure you get it done fast and hassle-free!


Personalized patient care is what sets Life Medical Center apart from other providers.  When you visit our clinic, you can be sure that no matter what the reason is for your visit, your health is our top priority.  You can expect to receive exceptional care, precise information and a complete treatment process during your visit with us.

COVID-19 Resources

Working Hard to Help Our Community

The most accurate COVID-19 anti-body testing available now!

Fast, efficient testing with accurate results and curb-side service!

Learn more about COVID-19, our services and how you can stay safe!

Our world is engaged in a battle against a pandemic of which the likes we have never seen before.  Every family and every individual has been affected.

We are here to help.  Life Medical Center is proud to have the capabilities to perform the COVID-19 Test to determine if you or a loved one is currently infected.  We perform curbside testing wearing all appropriate protective gear.  Our quick turn-around time can help to diagnose your situation quickly and provide you with the necessary treatments to keep you safe.

We also offer the COVID-19 anti-body testing to determine if you or a loved one have previously recovered from COVID-19.  This test can be performed quickly inside our office, fully sanitized and with all office personnel wearing appropriate PPE.

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COVID-19 Testing Information

Life Medical Center is proud to provide these services to all our patients.  For specific questions regarding insurance coverage, accuracy and testing specifics, please contact us today: 313-887-7774

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